Background of C-USAT

CENTEXS Urban Smart Agriculture Technology, also known as C-USAT – is a hydroponic product as to the method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution.

It is a type of farming model that is specially to allow nutrient solution to flow using gravitational pull, by designing the product slightly tilted.

Our hydroponics systems also provide self-sufficient home-grown fruits and veggies for busy urban folks where excess can be turned into commercial use as well.

Hence, our purpose is to maximise your hydroponics experience and ensure you have access to the best products and services in the hydroponics market

Why Choose Us?

  • Local production product
  • Our team consist of experiences smart farming individual.
  • Short lead time in delivery and installation
  • Cheapest and affordable in the market
  • Develop by Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) with CENTEXS Commercial


CENTEXS Urban Smart Agriculture Technology (C-USAT) is a hydroponic method to grow plant s in a water- based, nutrient-rich solution. This type of farming model is designed to be slightly tilted so that the nutrient solution will flow using gravi tat ional pull. Our purpose i s to maximize your hydroponics experience and ensure you have acces s to the bes t product s and services in the hydroponics market. vilket bredband är bäst


1. Farming made possible anywhere, and anytime. 2. Farming made easy as 1-2-3 (e.g. GTH, Germinate-Transfer-Harvest ) 3. Farming made fast (e.g. GTH process requires les s than one minute to do so) 4. Farming made safe and affordable (e.g. No pesticides and fungicides required as plant s grow in special Rockwool and nutrient s formula) 5. As long as there are sufficient sunlight and nutrients provided, farming is made simple for anyone. Payday Loans Bad Credit

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