KUCHING (APRIL 6) : CENTEXS Commercial will held a Webinar session on “Make Money with your Skills” – in collaboration with Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) and SARA-X, virtually via Zoom.

The ‘Make Money with Your Skills’ Webinar session is an initiative program by CENTEXS and CENTEXS Commercial that aims to promote the SARA-X application to help the skilled community generate income through digital platforms.

Therefore, the session will be touching on four concepts;

  1. Learning how to generate income form the beauty and health industry;
  2. Tips and secrets to determine the suitable and good sale and prices of service;
  3. Strategies for services; and 
  4. Identifying ways to produce satisfactory service at a high price.

The Webinar session will be lead by our invited speaker, Zunainah Haji Zaini – the owner of Putri Sejinjang Spa, who is also the winner of Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame under SME Corp Awards in 2016 and the finalist for the Best Spa Award of Asia Pacific Level in 2012.

Aside from that, Zaiwin Kassim, Curator of TEDxKenyalang will be the host of the sharing session and will also have his slot during the session.

Moreover, participants who joins the programme will receive a Certificate of Participation from CENTEXS Commercial, exclusive business access to SARA-X application, including guidance and counseling guides from SARA-X team.

Interested participants who wants to join the sharing session can register their name by contacting us via call or WhatsApp at 013-8137608.


For any enquiries, please do contact our Marketing Executive/Media Officer;

Aina Azizah Yeo


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