KUCHING: CENTEXS Commercial has been appointed by GREENLEAFS Sarawak to become the main distributor for its new beverage product for West Malaysia and Sarawak, with partnerships of various hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

The collaboration introduces the new drink called ‘Coffee Special’ by GREENLEAFS Sarawak, who previously launched the best selling drink – the canned Teh C Special that is often sold out due to high demand at department stores around statewide.

GREENLEAFS Sarawak is a local Sarawakian Food and Beverages company that is known for its iconic Teh C Special syrup – Pandan and Gula Apong flavours – that gave the public to have their own Teh C Special at their own home as well.

General Manager of CENTEXS Commercial, Shahren Yusri said that CENTEXS Commercial has chosen GREENLEAFS as a strategic partner as it is a local Sarawak-based company.
“We took the opportunity with this collaboration by being appointed as the main distributor and from here, we also offer to the community or entrepreneurs out there is what we want to welcome members of the public as our stockist, agent or dropship agent as this product has Halal certification.
“GREENLEAFS Sarawak has chosen CENTEXS Commercial as the main distributor for West Malaysia – who will assist in commercialising the product at five hypermarkets – Mydin, Malakat Mall, Boulevard Hypermarket, Aeon Retail and Hero Mart – and 12 other retail supermarkets in West Malaysia and Sarawak – CENTEXS Commercial will also become the distributor for Sarawak.
“Along with CENTEXS Commercial and its initiatives to commercialise local Sarawak-made products, the company also announce its new initiative in conjuction with this collaboration – by creating and inviting the public to venture business and marketing opportunities for local communities in Sarawak with the agent and dropship agent system,” he said during the press conferenc, today.
Moreover, Shahren also added that the product has not been marketed in West Malaysia, thus CENTEXS Commercial also welcomes individuals from West Malaysia to become part of the stockist, agent or dropship agent system.
“We are here to help the community not just to create business but we help entrepreneurs who have products to come to us. If you are interested in generating more income and want to celebrate Hari Raya Bulan Aidilfitri soon, this is the time we want to help you generate income – not only for the purpose of Hari Raya Aildilfitri celebration but also in the future,” he continued.
As committed to its tagline, “Connecting Communities with Businesses”, CENTEXS Commercial believes that initiatives between parties can contribute to the community by providing them with skills and businesses that can improve their livelihoods by earning income for families.
“CENTEXS Commercial is not a company to make a profit or business due to our GLC status as we want to help the community and all the communities that deal with us will also gain benefit where we are,” he continued.
Director of GREENLEAFS Sarawak, Lester Ong mentioned that the speciality of the Coffee Special is from their exquisite ingredients and its texture – including Gula Apong. As of to date, GREENLEAFS has sold over 2 Million units statewide and in Brunei

“Currently we have 18 products since our establishment. Our first product release is Green Tea syrup, followed by Teh C Peng syrup in 2009. As for our new product, the drink – Coffee Special comes in two flavours, pandan and coconut and caramel – that will be available in stores nationwide in June this year, in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

“We are honoured and thankful that we are able to collaborate with CENTEXS Commercial and to be able to commercialise our products to the West Malaysia’s market scene,” he stated.
Furthermore, CENTEXS Commercial also introduces its new community care initiative by gathering the all of the best selling products in a hamper package which comes in three categories.

“Each product in the hamper has a division of every corner of the product in Sarawak and in this way, we can help the local community get a return from the products that have been marketed,” said Shahren.
Members of the public who are interested and inquiries, please do contact via call of WhatsApp to our hotline 013-8137603 or drop a message at our official Facebook page, CENTEXS Commercial.


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