CENTEXS Commercial – Two Years Milestone

KUCHING (20 APRIL): Since the formation of CENTEXS Commercial on the 4th April 2019, the organisation has grown and remains committed into becoming a premier platform of commercialisation for local entrepreneurs around Sarawak.
With its vision to be the FRONTIER in commercialisation of Sarawak Heritage and Digital products by 2030, CENTEXS Commercial always seeks out to help and uplifts our local Sarawak-made products and our local entrepreneurs statewide – this also includes becoming a platform for graduates of Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) to explore the world of businesses and giving them a chance to use their skills to gain money (income).
CENTEXS Commercial started small in 2019 and as years goes by, the company started to expand wider. In the same year, the company firstly planned and create structure and pathway to market and commercialise local products, at the same time, coming out with plans and strategies to build a stronger platform for local entrepreneurs to market their products – both physical and online platform which also gained over 200 entrepreneurs registered with CENTEXS Commercial.
CENTEXS Commercial’s philosophy, ‘Connecting people, businesses and communities to a better future through commercialisation with the use of technology’ is also moving towards the status of Sarawak Digital Economy by 2030.
From this, CENTEXS Commercial is fully committed towards preserving, conserving and uplifting Sarawak Heritage products – thus, Heritage Central Gallery was established in November of 2019 – which houses beads, woven products and other authentic handmade Sarawakian products – such as food, spices and handicrafts that helps local entrepreneurs access to a wider market.
CENTEXS Commercial also has their physical platform at various places such as STATOS, Malakat Mall, Sarawak Product Pavillion, Aeon Mall Kuching, Mydin Sarawak, Everrise Mart, H&L Mart, Unaco Mart, Petronas (Kuching-branches) and Shell (Kuching-branch) – as this reflects the commitment of the efforts to ensure that the products from the local communities to reach the outer market scene and widen the recognition for the products.
Not only that, this achievement then followed by the establishment of CENTEXS Commercial’s Songket and Keringkam Gallery at Jalan Masjid, under the Songket and Keringkam Sarawak Innovative Project – with wife of Chief Minister, Datuk Amar Datin Patinggi Hajah Ju’amani Tun Tuanku Bujang as the patron, along with joint ventures of Old Kuching Smart Heritage (OKSHE) and CENTEXS.
The building houses various kinds of Sarawak songket and keringkam products, handwoven by local communities around Sarawak – including with collaboration with Puncak Borneo Prison under the brand ‘SaraPride’.
As for the company also commercialise technology products, the first product by CENTEXS Commercial is SARA-X application – a service e-hailing jobs application – which then followed by the creation of C-USAT, also known as CENTEXS Urban Smart Agriculture Technology – a hydroponic product method to grow plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution.
These two products serves it purposes to the company’s philosophy – as it creates job opportunities and helps communities to gain income, also towards improving their livelihood and lifestyles.
One of the products, SARA-X has gained about 276 service providers and more than 900 users – compromised of local communities that offers services in 16 categories. Not only that, through the application, individuals who registered as their providers under the application also receives free training and certification for them – to ensure our clients that our services providers are highly skilled.
Therefore, CENTEXS Commercial will always find the opportunities and help individuals to gain income from their skills via services, to cater the needs of the public and at the same time, creating more job opportunities.
CENTEXS Commercial has played an important role and it will continue to work closely with all related government agencies as it has representatives in various government agencies to support the government policies in providing feedbacks, proposals, fiscal planning and development. In Sarawak, CENTEXS Commercial is considered as a commercialisation industry especially for Heritage products activities.
The company has taken the approached towards online technology to market and commercialise products, such as via social medias – which has gained over 200,000 followers as combined including groups for entrepreneurs.
CENTEXS Commercial also works in close partnership with other government agencies such as Old Kuching Smart Heritage (OKSHE), Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), and Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Industrial Terminal and Entrepreneur Development Sarawak (MINTRED) and other stakeholders to have common goals and aspirations on a win-win approach with regards to the betterment and advancement of the state’s socio-economics and empowering local communities.
Furthermore, CENTEXS Commercial has for initiatives up on their sleeves, such as the searching of ambassador for CENTEXS Commercial, CENTEXS Commercial Media (a online content programme), MINDS Database system for Entrepreneurs and Saratage (online shopping platform for Songket, Keringkam and traditional handicraft products).
The well-being of the commercialisation industry and its interests are actively pursued and advanced by CENTEXS Commercial which is thriving and gaining momentum with more new members joining the fold to support the organisation in its mission to ensure continued growth and success of the Sarawak Heritage products industry.
From there, CENTEXS Commercial will soon collaborate with Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land And Regional Development (MANRED) to help and MANRED as one of the marketing arms for entrepreneur towards digital marketing.
The two years of growth of CENTEXS Commercial on 4th April 2021 augurs well for the management members and the organisation will seek further and remains focus on maintaining the local heritage whilst enhancing digitalisation in its business practise.


For media inquiry, please do contact:
Aina Azizah Yeo
Marketing Executive (Editorial), CENTEXS Commercial.
Email: ainazizahyeo.ccs@gmail.com, Tel Num: 012-3283533
Thank you.

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