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KUCHING (12 MAY): CENTEXS Commercial has successfully received over
RM28,000 from its ‘Community Raikan Raya Sales’ programme – a special Hari
Raya Aidilfitri initiative to help and assists the community to market and sell
their products via online platform, from 1 May until 12 May, this year.

The initiative called ‘Community Raikan Raya with CENTEXS Commercial’ has
called all local entrepreneurs to commercialise and market their products via the
organisation’s platform, with all profits are 100% goes back to the community.
There were 25 local entrepreneurs hailed from Kuching until Bintulu, with over
80 products of various kinds in five categories such as hamper, food, health and
beauty supplements, and also apparel – and were being assisted by CENTEXS
Commercial to marketed the products here in Kuching.

Besides that, as per followed with the directives and standard of procedures
from State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), the team of CENTEXS
Commercial also provided delivery to the customers who placed their order via
online, aside from self pick-up services.
General Manager of CENTEXS Commercial, Shahren Yusri stated that the
initative was created as to help the local entrepreneurs to gain income during

the Covid-19 pandemic – especially due to the cancellation and not being able to
sell their products during the annual Bazaar Hari Raya during Ramadhan season.
“By organising this programme, we are able to help our local entrepreneurs to
gain income during this pandemic and also to ease their burden by selling and
marketing their products by using CENTEXS Commercial as the platform. This
shows the strong support that our Sarawak Government has shown to our local

“All profits made are 100% given back to our local entrepreneurs. Therefore, we
hope that this could bring joy to their Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration despite the
restrictions of Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.
Moreover, CENTEXS Commercial also created a Raya Hamper with selected local
products that are being commercialise under the organisation as additional
initiatives under this programme – with its price range from RM100 to RM250
made with local Sarawak made products.
Furthermore, Heritage Central Gallery – a gallery that houses over 170 of local
Sarawak made products has achieved more than RM84,000 from January until
May, this year – with 72 local entrepreneurs that is working closely under
CENTEXS Commercial.

Since the formation of CENTEXS Commercial, the organisation has grown and
remains committed into becoming a premier platform of commercialisation for
local entrepreneurs around Sarawak.
“Therefore, we call on our new entrepreneurs who are interested in marketing
their products to send their products and CENTEXS Commercial can discuss in

more depth about the products that will be on the market,” he said.

For media inquiry, please do contact:

Aina Azizah Yeo
Marketing Executive (Editorial), CENTEXS Commercial.
Email: ainazizahyeo.ccs@gmail.com, Tel Num: 012-3283533
Thank you.

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